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Actually,Wikipedia was found to have only 4% more errors than the Encyclopedia Britannica and is going world wide, I would not say its not worth using on this web site.

Hendon Harris

The Manji is an ancient symbol that possibly originated in ancient Hindu/Buddhist India. The Sanskrit name is literally translated
"Whirlwind" in English. Few if any scholars link the Asian Manji to the identical form which is also found in pre-Columbian America.
The absence of anyone making that connection is puzzling because not only is the identical form found in North America used by the
Navajo and Hopi Native American tribes but the Navajo and Hopi names for the Manji are identical or practically identical in their respective languages to its meaning in Sanskrit. Although the Navajo deviate slightly from its Asian name by referring to it as the
"Whirling Logs" the Hopi call it what it has been called for millennia in Asia--"The Whirlwind"! What a coincidence that would be if that was simply random. That would be difficult to explain away if it stood alone. However, how then do you explain the Hindu wedding tradition also from India "The Seven Step Seven Vow Wedding Ceremony" celebrated clockwise around the sacred flame by numerous Native American tribes from ancient times to this very day just as it is still done in India? What other evidence is there of Trans Pacific
influences in North America from India (Asia). "Google: "India On Ancient Waves A Tribute To Hinduism"

Vail Petit

The former link references the latter, however, if you would please scroll down to the "right facing" swastikas, you will know that the pictures are actually different. I would like to clarify, through your knowledge, which is which... such as right facing vs left facing and clockwise vs counterclockwise. Thank you very much.

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