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Thank you for sharing Gaurang. What an inspiration indeed. May we all be so blessed to die consciously with the loving support of our partner, family and spiritual community. You both have shown such strength and courage through what must have been a very challenging process. My heart goes out to you and Catherine. I know his presence will be missed. Om
with love, Gillian

David Miller

Beautiful and Awe Inspiring Gaurang ... much love to you and Catherine <3

Namrata beautifully articulated. I felt as if I was there in that moment with you both. Thank you for staying present and centered in those last, very precious moments of life with this brave soul, your step-father and your Mother's beloved husband! I am so happy to hear that his transition was one that was FULL of peace and serenity. The love that you held there with him is a love of deep compassion. This, I know was felt by him subtly and was helpful in his passing from one moment to the next. This is so inspiring to hear....death does not have to be filled with fear or anxiety. In the presence of those that love us, and with the strength of the spirit, we can transcend the moment of death with peace. My heart is with you and your mom at this time. OM Mane Padme Hung

With Love,


what a gift G!
on so many levels.
thank you for sharing.
with love and respect,
om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung om mane padme hung ..............


thank you, Gaurang.
thank you.

Michelle & Nick

We're all thinking of Leon today ♥️

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